Aug 21, 2013

It's been a while (again)

The title says it all, it's been (again) too long I wrote a post.

What could be the reason?

Have I been busy? Professionally, no. I actually sold my small firm I started 2-3 years ago.
It was a business I started together with a friend I knew for more than 20 years. Was...

Like a lot of people would do when they have something in their mind, I didn't listen to what people told me;

  • "Don't do it!"
  • "Are you sure?"
  • "You need to make a good business plan!"

Should I have listened to them? No and I'll tell you why not.

Life's about taking risks, but not too many

I could have listened to my surroundings and have continued my life as the majority of the people.
But... I'm not like that, I want to try new things, take new challenges, suffer if I need to.
What is life if you can't tell others that you undertook something, that you at least tried to achieve something?
Sure, I would have much more money on my bank account and I would have had much less gray hairs but I prefer having regrets for something I did than for something I didn't do.

Now, this looks much more dramatic than it is...
Although I started that business with a friend (who isn't a friend anymore) and lost a lot of money because of it, I certainly didn't put everything at risk. In other words, even if it would go bankrupt, I'd still survive.
What I'm trying to say here is that you may want to risk a lot, but never go to risking everything, at least I wouldn't.

Life's about making choices, but not too many

It's my eternal struggle, making choices!
I hate the fact that for every step I want to take, I have to think, rethink and re-rethink and even then... I still haven't decided what direction to go...
It's a real pain and I'm trying to find the way to have a life with less choices. I will get there, for sure, but not today.

Why is a life with less choices a better life?
The easiest way to explain it via the video about happiness you can find on
Please watch it, as it is an eye opener.
Basically, what the presenter is saying: don't fake your happiness with an abundance of choices.

Life is life

Some days ago I watched Rocky Balboa for the first time and I liked it.
Yes, it's predictable, I knew from the start what would happen, but still, I enjoyed the movie.
One of the reasons was the speech below:

It's a bit cliché, I know, but he's right. Life's not easy and it shouldn't be! It's a hard-knock life, like Jay-Z would say.

Back on topic

My apologies if this post doesn't look really prepared and to be fair it isn't. (like most of my posts actually)
I wanted to ramble about why I didn't find time to post more and I ended with talking about life and choices.
Well, this post reflects life: start somewhere, live the unexpected and share your experience.